Blogging Rules


Welcome to Kaye’s First & Nursery School Blog. A weblog or blog is an online journal or diary. The activity of updating a blog is called blogging and someone who keeps a blog is a blogger.

Anyone can view and add comments to our blog: teachers, staff, children, parents, governors, in fact anyone in the world!

All comments will be read before they can appear on our blog.


Blogging Rules

These rules are designed to keep you safe and to make the blogging site a fun place to be.
Visitors are asked to keep to our rules.

1. Don’t give out your address or phone number or any personal details.
2. Don’t include other peoples personal information.
3. Don’t use your name in a post if there is also a photo of you.
4. Don’t put photographs or videos of yourself or others on the blog without permission from a teacher.
5. Make sure photos or videos don’t contain clues that could tell someone who you are.
6. Use the same language you are expected to use when you are in school.
7. Don’t be rude or horrible about anyone or anyone’s work.
8. Respect other people’s opinions.
9. You are responsible for the information you post, so make sure it is accurate. Do not say things about other people that aren’t true.
10. Everyone is welcome to contribute to the blog.

How to write a good comment

When people take the time to write a post, it’s fantastic if you can find the time to write a comment to let them know what you thought. When you write comments, try to keep these things in mind:

  • Be positive! Remember to tell the poster the things you liked about the post.
  • Use the ˜3 stars and a wish” if you want to comment on how someone can make a piece of work better. Say ˜it could be even better if”.
  • Comments can be read by anyone from all over the world, so try your best with your spelling, but it doesn’t have to be perfect.
  • Just saying “cool” or “gr8” might make the poster feel good, but even better would be saying why it’s cool.