Y3 Science Museum

Y3 Museum of Science and Industry

Y3 Science Week

During science week we carried out lots of different scientific investigations:

Chromatography, splitting colours of felt tip pens to see which colours they are made of.

Testing everyday items such as milk and lemon juice to find out if they are acid or alkali by using cabbage water.

Sorting magnetic and non magnetic materials after testing them.

Building circuits which included buzzers and motors during an electricity day.

Y3 Rydale Folk Museum

Y3 Scratch Junior

In computing lessons Year 3 have been creating a game for Year 1 to play.  To begin with a focus group visited Year 1 to find out what they were learning, what interests them and what sort of game they would like.  Year 3 then created games using Scratch Junior.  When the games were completed we shared them with Year 1.  They loved them!

Y3 Royal Armouries