Y5 Robin Wood Residential 2019

Y5 Magna

Y5 Science

We mixed white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda and placed a rubber glove over the top to see what happened.  The bicarbonate of soda created bubbles of carbon dioxide which inflated the rubber glove.

We carried out an experiment looking at which materials dissolved in water.  We focussed on:

Salt & water, sugar & water, sand & water, oil & water and detergent & water.

We found that salt, sugar & detergent are soluble.

Oil and sand are insoluble.

We mixed sand and water together.

Then we lined a funnel with a filter paper and poured the mixture in.

We found out that the sand stayed in the filter paper and the water came through the funnel clearer.  This showed us that sand and water can be separated.

We mixed together rice and paper clips and selected a magnet to separate them.  The paper clips stuck to the magnet because they are magnetic but the rice didn’t because it isn’t magnetic.

We mixed together dried black beans with flour.   We used a sieve to separate them.  The flour went through the holes because it was ground into tiny particles but the black beans did not fit through.

Y5 Leavers Assembly